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Our Story so far


Pick my order is the creation of an idea built by an Scott Sandeman an electrician who has the day to day problems of ordering materials for projects and keeping track of the materials that his operatives order on a daily basis.


Project materials were running over budget excess materials on jobs and the length of time operatives were in the suppliers waiting for materials were a huge factor in the creation of this mobile app platform.


Searching for a long time online and talking to numerous companies about an ordering platform there was just none out there that gave all the functions that were required


So the development began on Pick My Order, a team was created to start on a 12 month journey to get us to today where we now have a fully functional app and back end office platform that solves all of the issues we were having.


we can not only sell to Electricians but to any trade that have to order materials.


The mobile app ordering platform offers a digital copy of a catalogue in the palm of your hands.

Back end office
Android Apps
IOS Apps

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