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Fertility fables and facts : there are lots of sourced elements of informative data on attempting for a child

Myths about when you’re able to conceive

You can’t really conceive the very first time you have unsafe sex.

It really is a typical myth which you can not have a baby the very first time you have got unsafe sex. This really is merely not the case. There’s always a chance if you have unprotected sex – even the very first time that you will get pregnant. If you should be having unsafe sex plus don’t would like to get expecting, it is important to select a way of contraception which will match you. When you have had non-safe sex, learn when it’s possible to execute a maternity test.

It is possible to have a baby whenever you want associated with the month.

To have expecting, you must have intercourse in the full days leading up to and around once you ovulate. Your day just before ovulation, together with day’s ovulation it self, being your two most fertile times. After the egg moved (usually within every day of ovulation) you can not have a baby until after the next menstrual period has started. Practices that inform you once you have ovulated are of no assistance if you’re wanting to conceive.

It is possible to just conceive on two times each period.

This is simply not real. The ‘fertile screen’ lasts up to 6 times. You will be at your most fertile the time you ovulate as well as the time prior to. Nevertheless, because semen may survive for approximately five days, making love in the days prior to ovulation can boost your odds of having a baby.

  • Clearblue Ovulation Tests will allow you to identify as much as four times when you’re many fertile.
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