All the features of the only app you will need. 

There are many features already available for the Pick My Order app.


You will be able to send all of your Employees who have the app installed on there phone a notification message from the back end office, this can be a weekly update or a reminder message to all employees to hand in some paperwork any message can be entered and sent out.

Notifications will be sent to supervisors when an order from an employee has went over a certain amount or value.

And notifications will be sent to operatives when a supervisor approves an order.

Supervisor Mode

Supervisor mode is a function that is used by the company owner or any supervisor or management within the company.

Supervisor mode allows you to have more functions available within the app

Notifications of orders over a certain limit : if an  operative places an order on the app to a supplier over the set daily or single order limit the order will be placed on hold and a notification will be sent to the supervisor for approval

Awaiting Orders: this allows you to see all of the orders that require approval, you simply open the order have a look and if your happy with the order thats been placed you simply select approve order, once this happens the order will be sent to the supplier and a notification will be automatically sent to the operative to tell them the order has been approved.

Set Up Projects within the app: you have the ability to set up a new job/project within the app and can allocate operatives to a job.

Back End Office

The back end office is where you control your whole business ordering.

the back end office is where you can get an over all look at how much materials have been ordered who has ordered them and to what job they have been ordered to.

As well as this the back end office is where you will set up all of your suppliers, operatives, projects and add any catalogues or literature to the app.

The back end office will be a tool that will be used on a daily basis to control all your companys ordering.

Cataloguese and drawings

From the back end office anything that is in a PDF file can be added to this section for all of the operatives to see, this can be drawings, catalogues, job specification sheets anything at all.

Print & Export

From the back end office you can print or export all orders.

you can select to print a single order or select multiple orders to print.

If you want to export the orders this can also be done on a single order or multiple orders, the file will be exported in a csv file.


Projects are set up by supervisors or management with in the company, Projects are where you hold all the customer information as well as the delivery details of the customer.

As well as the clients information you can also allocate operatives to each project that they will work on this will record all of the ordering from the operative to a job.


Ordering Limits

Each operative that you have working for you can have a daily and order limit set to them, this allows any orders over a certain value to be seen by a supervisor and approved, these limits are set up in the back end office.

Build your own catalogue

Because Pick my order back end office is simple and easy to use it allows you to quickly add your own products to your catalogue, simply select from over 1 million Electrical products on the platform and add them to your categories, you can have a full catalogue set up within minutes.

3rd Party Integrations

Because of the versatile platform that Pick My Order have created our API allow 3rd party software to integrate into our platform.

Account packages,

Stock Systems

Many more

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